WHY u imitate (intro)


Release DateOct 30, 2019
ArtistsBig Gueb
AlbumDouble Trouble
Track Nb1

- Know who I am ?
- Yes
- Fuck 'em. They need to understand that we run the show
Some get it
But the rest think the more they lock us down and isolate us, it strips us of our power
They even think we close the books
We're a dying breed
They dead fuckin' wrong !!
We're just real selective who we choose to call our brother
So the question is :
- Yes
- What I wanted to hear. but keep your ink clean so they can't validate you
That's how we lull the enemy to sleep
- I understand
- You have the keys out here now


Haters tarmi fil klem i'm not supposed bich njawibik bitch na3ref fech na3mil i'm supppsed bich ntaw3ik ma3andich wa9tt bich n7awrik na3rfik mojrim ken fi tssawrik i run this bitch since day one
Trap talk kima el shot gun 7alabtou bina taw mafibalhomch 3ana palmares m3a ta7anit el tlaviz la ma tal9anech 9oss w sarbi el zbayn nik la7nesh
Ti theese niggas tlim fil klem min affem el s7a7
Ken leklakh 9dar el rap ta7
Fuck social media mojtama3 ta7an bitbi3tou
3andi real niggas loyal kima el SS
Manich lahi nik fi anfess
I'm about flouuss mich 97ab w fake face shit
Nik jouu nsafir fi spaceship alouwette ken fama real shit kounfa nssarbou ken fi dope shit 7dachin nijma fi chi3ar el TRAP


Why u imitate double trouble
Why u imitate 11 nijma fi chi3ar el TRAP